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High rollers are the VIP players who play for high stakes. High rollers are also commonly referred to as whales. These are players who have the means to wager large amounts of money. All VIP players are in for the royal treatment. Let’s take a look at what Jill has to offer players with the exclusive golden ticket!

Online High Roller Players

Online high roller players are probably more difficult to identify than land-based casinos. With online casinos, there are not as many lavish gift giveaways for high rollers. However, one advantage Jackpot Jill holds over bricks and mortar casinos is the cash bonuses they can award directly into a player’s casino account.

Why Become a High Roller?

There are many reasons why players will want to be a high roller. For some, it is about the status, for others it more than that. Here are some of the benefits and perks of being a high roller player.

Personal VIP Host

Being a high roller means everything is about you. You will receive your very own dedicated VIP host. You can get in touch with them any time; whether you feel like sparking up a conversation or have any queries, they will be ready waiting to assist you.

Exclusive Bonuses

Jackpot Jill is always generous when it comes to giveaways for high roller players. Whale players can look forward to customised bonuses suitable for their gameplay.

Larger Withdrawals

The no such things as limitations when it comes to high rollers making withdrawals. You will receive withdrawal amounts that you deserve. Players will have the benefit of withdrawing larger amounts at once.

Personalised Cash-Ins

There is no such thing as waiting when you are a high roller. Jill wants to keep the momentum going for as long as possible. When it is time to cash in, you won’t have to waste any time. Our personal VIP hosts will push you to the front and ensure your cash-ins are handled with priority and care.

Personalised Cash-backs

Be among the top to stand your chance of receiving a monthly cash-back. These can be used to play your favourite high roller casino games. What’s more, if you make the cut, we get in touch with you, there is no need to call us!  

No Maximum Bet

Living the life of a high roller to the fullest, means placing bets without restrictions. Jill's high roller players can place the bets they want and reap in the rewards they deserve!

Club VIP Details

Joining the elite is not always about the money. Loyalty goes a long way. It will also not go unnoticed, proving your loyalty is one step in the right direction to becoming a VIP player. The more you play, the quicker you will become one of the favourite players. However, once you reach the top, there is a standard to maintain. Players may lose their high roller VIP status at any time. That is why loyalty is key.

Join the High Roller Status

Find yourself at the top and Jill will make sure you are well taken care of. You are guaranteed to be on the invitation list for all the exclusive events happening. The high roller club is not one to be missed!

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