How to Play Baccarat

Learn how to play baccarat with a simple guide for beginners. How do you play the card game baccarat? Each player gets a pair of cards and there are a total of three betting options, player banker and tie. Baccarat is easy to learn and Jill will walk you through all the basics. You will master how to play baccarat online in a few easy steps.

How Do You Play the Card Game Baccarat?

The game of baccarat is played with six to eight decks. There are three bet options Banker, Player and Tie. Each player at the table places their chips on a spot on the table marked with the bet they want to place.  Regardless of how many players are at the table on two pairs of cards are placed on the table. One pair is placed in the dealer box and the other pair in the player box. Both pairs are dealt face up and the winning bets are immediately paid out.

Baccarat Rules

The rules of baccarat are pretty simple. Baccarat is a game against the house. Regardless of how many players are at the table players are competing against the house.

The first rule of baccarat is that the bets are placed first.

A pair of cards is placed for the player face up and another for the banker.

Players can get a third card if the hand value is less than five.

The dealer gets a third card if the value of the dealer’s hand is two or less.

Each baccarat table has a minimum and maximum bet limit. The smallest bet you can place is the minimum and the biggest bet you can place is the maximum of the table.

How to Play Baccarat Online for Beginners - 5 Steps

  1. Choose chip size and amount that is equal to the bet you want to place.
  2. Select the bet you want to go with - Banker, Player or Tie.
  3. Next click on “Deal” to get the cards dealt.
  4. If your bet wins you get your winnings credited to your account.
  5. You have the option to re-bet or start again with new bets.

Baccarat Table Layout for Beginners

The baccarat table is an oval crescent that can seat seven to 14 players. However, when you play baccarat online here at Jackpot Jill there is no limit and you always have a seat at the table.

On the baccarat table are two sections marked “Player” and “Banker”. This is where the cards that are dealt are placed. Lower on the table are three sections for the players to place their bets.  Each player has the different bet options marked on the table in front of them. To choose a bet, the player must move the chips to the corresponding section.

How to Play Baccarat FAQs

  1. Choose one of three bets - Banker, player or tie. Afterwards cards are dealt and the winning bet is paid out.

  2. Playing baccarat for beginners is simple, choose your bet first wait for the cards and get paid out for every winning wager.

  3. Yes, baccarat is easy to learn. All you have to do is learn three betting options – Player, Banker and Tie and remember that your bets are placed first.

  4. No Baccarat is a game of chance not skill.

  5. The best hand in Baccarat is an 8 or 9 that is called a “Natural”.

  6. You make money in baccarat by choosing bets with good odds.

  7. You can’t really count cards as a strategy in baccarat because bets are placed first. And if there are additional cards, they are no additional bets after the extra cards, so the results of the card counting aren’t of any use.