How to Play Video Poker Tutorial

Learn how to play video poker with this step by step guide. Jill's team is a pro when it comes to video poker. Use her tutorial for the best online video poker tips and gameplay. The game of video poker came about in the 1970s and offered players an alternative way to play classic poker. The machines were often referred to as poker slots. The console takes the form of pokies while the gameplay is based on poker. Many players prefer video poker as it is less intimidating, and there is no dealer involved.

Although the machines are similar to that of pokies, video poker machines add an element of skill to the game. A player’s decision may have an impact on the outcome of the game. When it comes payouts, the best video poker machines offer payouts that are just as high as any table game.

Step By Step Guide to Playing Video Poker

When it comes to playing video poker for real money, the first thing players will notice is the number of different variants available. Each game uses similar rules, with minor changes. Let’s take a closer look at how to play a round of video poker online.

Step 1 – Choose Bet Size

Before any cards are shared out, players will have to select their bet amount. The video poker game makes use of coins. This means players will place their bets in the form of coin sizes. Players can place between one and five coins per hand. Each coin size comes with its own respective payout.

Step 2 – Cards Shared

Once players are satisfied with the number of coins they have placed, they will press the deal button to receive their first five cards. Depending on the game, the way the cards are dealt differ. Some will deal the cards out all face down and turn them over simultaneously.  Others will deal the cards out one by one face up.

Step 3 – Hold Cards

Once all the cards have been dished out, players have the option to select which cards they would like to hold and which they would like to discard. To hold cards, players will select the hold button located underneath the respective card.

Step 4- New Cards Shared

Cards that players have selected to discard will be replaced by new ones. Once the cards have been replaced, the five cards on screen will be regarded as the final hand.

Step 5 – Outcome

It is not necessary for players to figure out their final hand. The casino software will automatically do it and inform the player of their best possible hand. The winning hand and respective payouts will be highlighted on screen for players to see how much they won. All winning hands will be paid out before a new round begins. If there is no winning hand, losing bets will be collected before a new round begins.

Real Money Video Poker Tips

Jill's team of experts have certainly played their fair share of video poker machines. Find some of the best tips for winning below.

  • Understand the variant you are playing. Each variant may have different ranking systems. This means that although the ultimate goal is a royal flush, some variants may offer special / bonus payouts for other hands.
  • Always try to place the maximum number of coins. There is a significant difference in payouts when it comes to getting a royal flush.
  • Take note of the paytable before you start playing. This will give you an indication if it is worth sacrificing a hand to chase a higher paying hand or stick with it.
  • It is not always a good idea to chase a straight or flush. If you have three cards needed for a straight or flush, it is not always the best idea to go after these hands.
  • Always keep track of your funds. Find a video poker game that suits your bankroll and last a few rounds. Never rely on winning and play to have fun.

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