Poker Terms and Phrases 2024

Understanding popular poker terms will give you an edge when playing at Jackpot Jill. There are several poker terms and phrases that you should know to play the best online poker. Use our glossary of common poker terms to become an absolute pro.

Don't let the jargon intimidate you, but instead, use this guide to help you gain an advantage with your favorite poker games. The terms listed below are common among various variations of poker and are easy to remember.

Poker Glossary A-Z

All-in: This term refers to when a player places all their chips into the pot.

Action Card: A community card that has the possibility of improving multiple players' hands.

Ante: The ante is used in stud poker. It is a small forced bet that all players are required to post before the deal.

Bad Beat: A loss in poker that defies the odds.

Betting on the Come: Betting with a draw.

Betting structure: A rule that controls all players' options when it comes to wagering and raising. Common betting structures include No-Limit, Fixed Limit, Pot-Limit, and Spread Limit.

Bluff: Betting the worst hand to win by making a better hand fold.

Boxed Card: Any card shuffled and placed upside down is referred to as a boxed card.

Call: Matching the bet made by another player.

Chase: A player trying to complete a draw is chasing.

Chip: A gaming token used to represent real money, or tournament money, on the poker table.

Draw: A hand that still needs to improve, to make a strong holding.

Downswing: A series of short-term results that are lower than your mathematical expectations in the long run.

Equity: It refers to your mathematical expected share of the pot.

Fish: A weak player who is likely to lose money in the game but still chooses to play to have a good time.

Free card: A card that you get to see without investing any of your chips.

Gutshot: An inside straight draw, where you need a specific card to make your straight (you have only four outs to hit it).

Hand rankings: A list of hand values from weakest to strongest shows what beat what and how different poker hands rank. The full list of poker hand rankings.

Jam: Put all your money in the middle. Poker lingo for moving all-in.

Kicker: A side card that does not make any combination but can determine the hand's winner if players have a similar hand.

Limp: An action where you choose to enter the pot by calling instead of raising when there is no raise before you.

Miss: When you have a drawing hand, such as a straight draw or a flush draw, and community cards do not help you to improve your draw, it means you "missed" it.

Opening ranges: A set of poker hands that you choose to play from each position.

Outs: It refers to the number of cards that will improve your hand to the winner.

Poker face: A poker lingo used to describe a player who is not showing any emotions or giving away any tells, thus making it very hard to read him.

Pot: The amount of chips in the middle of the table which was placed by players in a particular hand.

Rake: Terminology for the fee, which the host of the game takes to cover their expenses and make a profit.

Satellite: A type of tournament where instead of getting a standard cash prize, winners are awarded tickets to higher buy-in tournaments or live events.

Slow roll: It is an act of teasing other players or giving them an illusion that they won the hand by not revealing your holdings in a timely manner.

String bet: A type of bet in a live game setting, when a player fails to put all the amount he wants to bet in one motion and is forced to take back his chips.

Underpair: A pocket pair that is lower than all the cards on the board.

WSOP: It is a shortened term for the World Series of Poker. The biggest poker tournament series in the world, taking place in Las Vegas every year in June and July.