Jackpot Jill, our unflinching adventuress, runs through the immortal sensations of an enchanted world, taking you with her with every step.

Dear Traveller, as magic and mysteries unfold before your very eyes, beware of the spectral dangers that lurk in the shadows.

Take control of your spellbinding adventure through the magical lands as you follow Jackpot Jill to riches beyond your wildest dreams.

Declare dominion over your affairs…


If you want to tone down your keyboard tapping time, there are options available to you. Choose to place the shackles of safety onto your account and have it locked for poignant periods from 24-hours or up to 6 months. You can also decide of course for an indefinite lock, during which time any new or already registered account will be off limits to you.


Just like Jackpot Jill is in charge of her destiny, you can be in charge of your own playing limits. Behold! The power is in your hands; wield it with honour and glory. Your humble servants will implement your deposit limits and specifications within 24-hours. Your decorous decrees can be pulled before the esteemed council daily, weekly, or monthly.


Remove yourself to a remote retreat as you take a break from reeling these rambunctious diversions. Your account will be sealed with spells, potions, and rituals…

Here are more particulars to peruse…


Time is your friend and your enemy. It can also reveal hidden facets of your rituals at Jackpot Jill. Keep a watchful eye on the amount of time spent rolling through the rousing shires and, if it’s too much for your own good, consider stepping away to refuel and recharge your mind. Send us a message via ravens, email, call, or live chat.


There is always a shaman nearby to assist with your turmoil. This shaman is from over the hills, a completely separate village from us, and has no connection to us at all.

Gambling Therapy



Only those who have been deemed worthy as per their date of birth (18-years and over) are allowed within the sacred folds of Jackpot Jill. This is why it is imperative to fulfil the needs of the ancient scrolls called KYC (Know Your Customer) so that we can keep everyone safe.

Safeguard your progeny and all minors by installing virtual guards of honour on your mobile device or computer via these links: https://www.netnanny.com/, https://www.cyberpatrol.com/